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FoodGrid making natural bakeries thrive with cost savings and efficient supply chain

In the competitive market today, natural bakeries face challenges in managing their supply chain and cutting costs while keeping their products top-notch. But now, there’s good news! With innovative solutions for the baking industry, natural bakeries can improve their operations, save money and maintain product quality.

FoodGrid is a company providing such solutions, and they are specialized in producing and distributing high quality oils and vegetable-based products, serving customers all around the world. Their team is committed to helping the baking industry, and they’re known for the reliable service and high-quality products they provide, their goal being to meet the unique needs of natural bakeries and ensure their success. FoodGrid strives to build strong partnerships that drive innovation and growth in the baking industry.

How can FoodGrid help your natural bakery?

Supply chain optimization: A well-optimized supply chain is key in the food industry. By partnering with FoodGrid, natural bakeries can streamline their procurement process, ensuring they get high-quality baking products made from natural ingredients through sustainable practices. Their global trading activity and extensive network allows them to source the finest oils and vegetable-based products from different regions, ensuring a steady supply and a wide range of ingredients for diverse products.

Supply chain visibility and environmental responsibility: FoodGrid values transparency and reducing their environmental impact. They use advanced technology to track every shipment in real-time giving customers peace of mind about on-time delivery. A global trade network offers real-time visibility and control, and a dedicated operating team tracks each shipment for business agility and sustainable growth. They also contribute to environmental sustainability by maximizing container utilization and offsetting carbon emissions from the carriers.

Expertise for cost savings: The experienced team at FoodGrid has deep knowledge of the industry, market dynamics, pricing trends and cost-saving opportunities and they work closely with natural bakeries to identify areas for cost optimization without compromising product quality. By efficient sourcing, strategic procurement and supplier negotiation, they help natural bakeries achieve significant cost savings, making them more competitive in the market.

Customized product formulation: Aiming for innovation, FoodGrid collaborates with natural bakeries to create custom product formulations that meet their specific needs and preferences. If you need a baking product or ingredient that’s not in their range, the research and development team will work to formulate it just for you, so they can help you create unique ingredients that enhance taste, texture and nutritional profiles, setting your bakery apart from the rest.

Dedicated service and logistics: Providing excellent service is a must at FoodGrid, so they prioritize timely and efficient delivery, ensuring that natural bakeries can maintain seamless production processes. Through global presence, they have strong logistics capabilities, enabling them to serve diverse locations. No matter where you are, you can get high-quality ingredients to foster a strong and dependable partnership.


At FoodGrid, experts are committed to creating valuable solutions for natural bakeries. With expertise in producing, formulating and distributing natural oils and vegetable-based products, they can help optimize supply chains, save costs and improve product quality for bakeries worldwide.

Get a collaboration with FoodGrid and make the most of your natural bakery!